Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Bunker Renovation: #3 Regency

Without question, the third hole on Regency has one the most talked about bunkers on the golf course; the rear green-side bunker.  With the steep slope behind the green and poor visibility from the tee, the playability was far from "par-fect". We decided it was finally time for a renovation.  There are many options available when renovating or constructing a bunker and it's important to select one that fits the course.  In this particular situation the bunker was getting a tremendous amount of surface water from the surrounding slopes.  With that, we inspected the areas around the bunker and looked for options to redirect the surface water.  One big improvement would be the addition of a curb on the cart path.  The curb would connect two existing sections and extend it to the bottom of the hill behind the green.  We hope to add this curbing very soon.

In the bunker, the old sand and drainage was removed.  The outflow pipe had to be inspected to ensure excess water would flow out of the bunker.  This portion of the project is very important, if any problems exist, they must be addressed before progressing.  In our case the pipe was functioning perfectly, so its on to the next step.

Not only was this bunker one of the most problematic, but it's the smallest on the course.  The existing single section of drain pipe in the bunker floor would've been sufficient, but we added a small section towards the top to slow water flow to the base of the bunker.

With the drainage complete, it was time to address the bunker floor.  We graded the base and added a product called "Sand daM".  This product is designed to prevent sand particle movement in bunkers from rainfall and irrigation.  It's made from non-biodegradable polyester and synthetic binders from 3/4" to 1".  The idea was to prevent as many washouts as possible and eliminate at least one source of sand contamination.  This porous mat will also prevent rocks and other debris from migrating up into the sand.  The addition of the Sand daM will make a big difference in the long term maintenance and aesthetics of the bunker.

It was then topped off with six inches of sand and is ready for play.  Please let us know if you have any questions about this bunker or any other post on the site.  Enjoy!

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